100 Days of Dreamers

100 Days of Dreamers

the 100 day project | 100 days of dreamers

I’m super excited to share that I’m participating in The 100 Day Project this year! (learn more about it here) This is an amazing creative challenge to pick a theme or project and work on it every single day for 100 days - and this year I will be doing #100daysofdreamers.

I’ll be making and posting (here and on instagram) a new dreamcatcher inspired wall hanging every day starting tomorrow and I’ll talk more about my process and the inspiration and reasons for doing this project as we go along, but for now I’ll just post my rules:

1. Make a dreamer every day (as start to finish as possible)

2. It has to be a physical piece of art that is inspired by dreamcatchers in some way

3. Each piece has to have a new design element to set it apart from other styles (so a change of color isn’t enough to be a new and unique piece)

Are you doing a 100 day project this year? Have you done one in the past? I'd love to hear all about it and follow along with your projects too!


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