Dreamer No. 1 | 100 Days of Dreamers

Dreamer No. 1 | 100 Days of Dreamers

Dreamer No. 1!!! Making this piece was almost cathartic... I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do for this first dreamer, but after I finished it (the first draft - not this version), I didn't love it. And that's okay! I'm not supposed to love every single piece I make during this project, but it was bugging me. I was struggling to let this very first dreamer be one that I didn't love, so I started playing around with it again and stumbled into the greenery (as a replacement for the larger feathers I originally used) and the tiny flowers as accents and now I LOVE this piece! It's not perfect - I don't love how the hand stamped "dream on dream er" came out (I wanted to include that detail because that's a motif that I've carried through my work since the very beginning), but it doesn't matter because I'm doing the thing! I'm playing with my art again just for the love it and THAT'S why I'm doing this project!

If you're doing #the100dayproject how was your day 1?

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