Dreamer No. 5 | 100 Days of Dreamers

Dreamer No. 5 | 100 Days of Dreamers

Dreamer No 5/100: back to the greenery today! I’ve definitely been drawn to this open and airy style lately. I think possibly because it reflects my hopes and goals for this project! I've been feeling frustrated and stuck a lot over the last few months with the challenges of building a business, raising a toddler, riding out algorithm changes (facebook, instagram, etsy even?!), and I really want to get back to a more creative and hopeful mindset. So far it's working! This past week was exhausting but exhilarating! How do you work through tough stretches in your life and business? I'd love to hear what works for you!

Metallic details on a modern minimalist dream catcher | Bast + Bruin

Boho Greenery on a modern minimalist wall hanging | Bast + Bruin

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