Dreamer No. 6 | 100 Days of Dreamers

Dreamer No. 6 | 100 Days of Dreamers

Dreamer No. 6/100 // I did a trio of dreamers for the 6th day of The 100 Day Project because I'd been wanting to do a set inspired by my jewel tone dreamer trio for a long time! My one regret (probably too strong a word...) is that I meant to use ivory lace as an accent on these dreamers but didn't realize until the very last step that I was out of lace . I used ivory yarn instead so that I wouldn't lose the depth and texture of the extra element, but I think I would like the lace better. You can see the detail better in stories and then let me know what you think! Lace or yarn?

Jewel Tone Dream Catcher Set | The 100 Day Project

Gold Dreamcatcher | Teal Dreamcatcher | Plum Dreamcatcher

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