Dreamer No. 3 | 100 Days of Dreamers

Dreamer No. 3 | 100 Days of Dreamers

Dreamer No 3/100 - I scaled waaayy back today and made this wild little jungle of a dreamer. Apparently the greenery isn't gonna stop any time soon and I'm okay with that! I needed to make something smaller and simpler because yesterday was CRAZY (in case you missed my notes at the beginning - I'm working a day ahead in order to be able to photograph each dreamer in good light as I'm often making them late at night). Along with all the usual chaos, we also FINALLY painted our master bedroom! We only moved in 2 years ago . So that took some time. Anyway! This little guy! He's kind of a springtime cross between my petite favors and my feather wreath ornament. He's cute! He's wild! He's kind of got a mane!

Let me know what you think!

Mini Dreamcatcher | Wild One Party Favor Idea | Bast + Bruin

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