Dreamer No. 16 | 100 Days of Dreamers

Dreamer No. 16 | 100 Days of Dreamers

Dreamer No 16/100: This dreamer was a weird one for me. I was super excited to make tassels and use them in a design, and I LOVE the colors here, but I struggled to get the shape of the dreamer right, and I'm not sure I got it all the way there... I reworked this one probably 6 times before finally settling on this and I maybe should have just stuck the first iteration. But, it's close! And I'm always glad to play with a new material! 

I'll definitely come back to the half wrapped hoop, the more minimalist style, and probably the tassels as well, so even if I'm not sure that I love the final product, it was a successful day in 100 Days of Dreamers!

Minimalist Dream Catcher | Bast + Bruin

Tassel Dreamcatcher | Bast + Bruin


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